Hi-Tech Cylinder Heads

Unit 6 / 10 Stanford Way Malaga , 6090 Perth, Western Australia Australia

Open: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Cylinder Head Reconditioning

We have been carrying out cylinder head reconditioning on all kinds cylinder heads for 20 years in Perth WA, we have new and exchange heads with a number of port sizes. We understand air flow and recommend cylinder heads for performance and fuel economy; we recondition heads with precision and accuracy ensuring maximum performance and back our work with a warrantee we are proud of. Heads are chemically cleaned and pressure tested, machined with meticulousness precision and welded when needed.

For performance heads we can match up intake and exhaust port sizes with combustion volume to get the best results to give you maximum horse power.

We have one of wide range of heads in Perth and what we don’t have on hand we can order in or recondition promptly.GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, diesel, petrol, gas, truck, boat or tractor we do them all.

Precision Engine Reconditioning

H-Tech Reconditioned Engines are of the highest standards and no corners are cut in delivering you quality at a competitive price.

Engine Reconditioning - Engine Building

All reconditioned engines are completely stripped down and acid bathed, all seals and gaskets are replaced, all parts are checked for wear and replaced. Cylinders are re-bored, crank shafts re-ground, con rods resized and cylinder heads reconditioned.

At Hi-Tech engine reconditioning we recondition all types of engines from your local made Holden’s, Fords, Toyota and Mitsubishi to the imported Japanese and European engines, Nisson, Honda, Porsche, Ferrari and your big block American engines. No matter what types of engine we work on we take pride in our work and value our reputation.

Gas Engine Conversions

There are good reasons to convert to gas.

  • Better mileage, pay less at the pump.
  • Better for the environment

Hi-Tech can ensure that your engine is converted suitably to function at its optimum in efficiency and dependability. Gas conversions is a job left to the professionals, get Hi-Tech to safely convert your engine for you.

Performance Modifications

Engine Balancing

Gain high engine speeds with engine balancing, pistons piston rods, bearings, and crankshaft getting your engine balanced allows for higher revs and more horse power delivered to the drive shaft.

Porting Polishing

Increase airflow in and out of combustion chambers with porting and polishing.

O-Ringing Blocks

Seal in compression and reduce chances of blow outs with copper gaskets and o-ringing.

Other Modifications

Line Boring, Turbo, Blueprinting, CC Rating and a number of other modifications are all available.

Ski Boat Engines

Hi-Tech has a long history of marine and ski boat engine conversions, both big and small block inboard V8 performance engines specially modified to perform in a marine environment. Fully marinised with safety issues addressed throughout installation including fuel and exhaust venting.